Wherever you are just start!

photo credit: Angela Franklin via Unsplash

photo credit: Angela Franklin via Unsplash

You might not have time to start a blog or build a website right now, or map out a detailed marketing plan, but there are things you can do right now, today in fact, to start marketing your creative project better.

1. Post-images of your art, book covers, or process on Instagram. If you’re a writer, start a blog here on Medium with samples of your work or talking about your creative process.

2. Direct Messages-Talk directly to people on Instagram or Facebook that like or have shown interest in your wok in the past and ask them if they’d like to buy a copy of your book, or if they wouldn’t mind reposting your latest. But use this option sparingly. Don’t ask the same people repeatedly if you don’t get a response.

3. Go Live -Use Facebook live, Instagram live, Snapchat or Periscope to go live at an ever or simply when you’re creating

4. Guest blog-Writing for someone else is the best way to get your name out there. Let’s say you have a comic book and you want to get the word out about yourself and your book, Find a comic book related site that takes submissions and write an article about the industry. Then at the bottom, include your picture, and a link to your site or work

5. Advertise on a podcast -Many smaller podcasts(1K-5K downloads per episode) have reasonable ad rates usually between$30-$50/episodes. Find a podcast related to what you do and see if you can pay for a mention on their show. If you develop a relationship, they might even grant you an interview!

6. Patreon-Start a Patreon page and tell everyone about it! You can either offer perks at different levels, or Post a goal that you are trying to reach for your project and promise all of your patrons a copy when it’s complete.

Don’t get bogged down by “analysis paralysis”. You can make changes or fine tune later, but the point is to START.

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