What does Tiyland mean anyway?

Tiy (prounounced like "Tie") is actually my middle name. This who I'm actually named after. 

A little about me

This business is an idea that was brewing in the back of my mind for a while. The goal was to find a way to combine my years as a professional advertising video editor, project manager and entrepreneur with my experience as a blogger, coder and social media influencer to help people.

It just so happens that because of my media background a lot of the people I know are writers, comic book artists, and service-based entrepreneurs who often asked me to help them design content for them. That led to gigs consulting, branding, teaching, designing and kickstarting until I realized something, the people working the hardest at their craft or their work, usually have the least amount of time to spend promoting what they do.

And many simply feel uncomfortable doing it.

What I offer isn't gimmicks or tricks or buying followers or any of that. Just real world advice from someone who is actually making a living from being an entrepreneur and who uses the same tools that I will be showing you how to use.

I'll be honest

If you are not sure what kind of business you want to start or how to start a website, this is probably not the place for you...yet.

If your business is up and running, you're doing the work, (and have the sleep deprivation to prove it) but feel like no one is paying attention, I can definitely help you.

I will never use the words "crush it". 

If the "social" portion of social media freaks you out or if you're working full time and running your blog full time and need to find ways to well...save time. I can show you how.


Welcome to tiyland!