Bill Campbell- Rosarium Publishing

In 2016, Rosarium had what we felt was the impossible task of raising $40,000 on Indiegogo, so we hired TIY to help us. Through a lot of hard work and a little luck we were able to raise $45,000. TIY was there the whole way, rallying the troops, expanding our social media presence, arranging key media exposure, and providing way more services that could possibly fit into a blurb. They were more than indispensable. We couldn't have possibly done it without them.


Tony Puryear - Concrete Park/Afrofuturefest

"Karama Horne is truly one of a kind. She combines the can-do, get-it-done attitude, a broad knowledge of the social media and PR spaces, with an astonishing antenna for the new things happening in those spaces. Her humor, eye for detail and indefatigable optimism, literally was the difference between success and failure in my AfroFuturefest show at the New York Comic Con, (we succeeded, wildly) juggling multiple deadlines and media outlets, all while giving the best advice in town and cheerleading our project through difficult times. People say hire good attitudes. I say you could not hire a better one, nor a more savvy brand-builder and projector than Karama Horne." - Tony Puryear, award-winning graphic novel creator and co-founder of AfroFuturefest.”


Naseed Gifted - PBS Media/Khemfest

Professional, creative, accessible and easy to work with are the words I used describe Tiyland Media. They are top notched social media marketing company that works with their clients from inception to completion. They set the standards high and has assisted in taking our company to the next level. -Naseed Gifted, Creative Director of PBS Media.