You’re on Facebook, but you’re kind of scared of twitter. Or you’re on Instagram but you can’t figure out how to use stories. Or highlights. Does anyone use tumblr anymore?

The only time you have to write is after the kids are asleep, so when exactly are you supposed to create a marketing plan? 

Wait. What exactly IS a marketing plan?

I’ve got you.

I will show you how to get more exposure and engaged followers in less time (no, not by using bots or spam either). Learn which tasks to automate and which ones to do yourself and how to use hashtags more efficiently. I’ll also show you how to create processes to save time on your social media artwork and images and how to measure your progress with simple tools. All of this in a livestream with an open chat room, so that you don’t feel like you’re all alone!

How it works:

Once a month I will livestream for an hour and answer questions that have been emailed or sent to me through direct messages that week. You can pay by the class, or become a subscriber at the BOSS level and all group classes are free!